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Welcome to the site dedicated to ALL Science... ALL the time! 

We appreciate your patience.  In the you haven't visited in a while, MySci.net is in the process of a  total re-design.  The site still offers  the same components that it did in its earlier form; it should however, be easier to navigate.

Physics, Earth Science and Biology are still here.  And, there is also now a link to another site that adds an interesting and interactive possibility to the mix offering science and other subject help at convenient times and in a convenient way for anyone who wants it, no matter the school or its location. 

WWW.YourScienceTeacher.com is a safe place to get help with your science questions, help with your science homework problems and help in preparing for science tests.

Stop by our science help website at yourscienceteacher.com; it is the home of the live, real-time, Online Classroom that truly compliments MySci.net.  If you are seeking help or are looking for an experienced science teacher to aid in your understanding of science, you have come to the right place!  We hope you will enjoy the experience and take full advantage of both sites!

And while you're here... check out what happened on this day in history!


Home Physics Earth Science Biology Math Search

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